There's no way of faking this stuff- if you want to be a part of the small batch/hand crafted movement you can just do it by association, you've got to really do it.

This weekend in NYC, there was a “Pop-Up Flea Market.”

It was an idea that combines the notion of temporary space with the opportunity to seemingly purchase low cost/used items.

The reality was somewhat different- it was a pop-up store for men’s apparel and footwear and featured a mix of small hand crafted brands with big brands like Levi’s and LL Bean.

It was a microcosm of the problem that big brands have when trying to be small.

Of course, they wanted to be present in the company of small, hand crafted brands, but they were anything, but the disconnect was obvious, not just in the way they displayed their merchandise- more money/investment and marketing, but also with the staff- on one side owners and craftsmen who made the stuff and the other, hired guns and marketing people.

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