The Groasis Waterboxx uses biomimicry to sustain a plant in its early life.

AquaPro Holland's Groasis Waterboxx is a smart plant incubator that collects water from the air and makes it available to the plant. The Waterboxx is designed as a small bucket filled with a few gallons of water and placed around a seedling. This helps facilitate condensation at night, where the device, due to its design, captures the moisture from the air and drips it into the soil in a controlled manner.

This helps to sustain the plant till its roots grow deeper into the soil and taps the moist layer several feet beneath the ground level. Once the plant can support itself, the Waterboxx can be removed and used on the next seedling. The device allows planting of saplings on any terrain without the help of irrigation and is affordable, making it extremely useful in underdeveloped regions.

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