Hacked Kinect Captures Your Life In 3D

Hacked Kinect Captures Your Life In 3D

UC Davis researcher hacks the new Microsoft gadget to create a video capture tool that projects his surroundings in 3D.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 15 november 2010

UC Davis visualization researcher Oliver Kreylos has created a hack for Kinect that allows him to capture himself and his environment in 3D video. By splicing together his Kinect with an open source camera driver, he fed the dual streams from his peripheral infared and color cameras into a program that combined the two (the depth image and the color image) together and re-calibrated them to create a 3D virtual reality environment that he can interact with and control at the click of a mouse.

Watch the video below to get a live demonstration:

Oliver Kreylos

[via Engadget ]

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