Kahlua has launched a new campaign to celebrate its Veracruz, Mexico heritage and ‘intriguing' combination of unexpected ingredients. The campaign entails an integrated, extensive multi-platform approach with various elements – from TV spots (see one below) to influencer outreach, and from print/online ads to a mobile app and website presence. We gravitated to a couple of particular elements:

Visually impactful print/online ads (above) feature prominent shots of Kahlua-based beverages, suggesting different ways of serving the drink; they also have a pretty heavy ‘retro' feel – and are just pleasant to look at A Kahlua-branded iPhone app (see below – developed by Great Works NY) meant to help you find ‘intriguing' and ‘unexpected' conversation topics to introduce in a variety of social situations – and of course, Kahlua-based drink recipes to share with your friends. Will people actually use this in social situations? Doubtful – but it is a humor

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