The innovative artist and designer talks about re-humanising interaction design and the “Aesthetics of Disgust."

At our recent PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2010 we gathered the people behind some of the most inspiring British and European projects that we have covered on

In this video, artist and designer Katrin Baumgarten explains her intriguing work, and talks about re-humanising interaction design. Much of her work focuses on the “Aesthetics of Disgust,” what Baumgarten describes as our relationship with unpleasant stimuli. She shared other interesting insights including:

Design almost exclusively focuses on pleasant emotions General disorder is seen as a disturbance of cultural standards and is in opposition with Swiss Design The use of paradoxical emotions for shock value There is a strong link between attraction and repulsion Our reaction towards what we culturally categorize as disgusting is unrealistic if not unfounded

Watch her presentation below:

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