Kopernik: Connnecting Developing Communities, Progressive Technologies And Donors

Kopernik: Connnecting Developing Communities, Progressive Technologies And Donors

A social online platform gives access of innovative products to local communities in developing countries.

Naresh Kumar
  • 29 november 2010

Kopernik is an online social platform that connects NGOs in developing countries with innovative products that could improve lives.

Non-profit organizations can browse through a range of progressive technologies (such as solar lanterns and self-adjustable lenses) showcased on the site and create proposals on products that could help their local people progress. Prospective donors can then look at all the projects and contribute towards buying products for these NGOs and get to review regular progress reports on how their donations are working.

Kopernik is a unique social model in that it provides awareness and access of innovative technologies to organizations in developing countries and helps them procure these products through crowdsourced microfunding, while also enabling technology providers to scale, reach out to more people and bring their costs down.

The video below describes the project in more detail:


+developing countries
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