Living Lab Enhances Pizza Express Eating Experience

Living Lab Enhances Pizza Express Eating Experience

A London food chain aims for reinvention via technology and creative experimentation

Stephen Fortune
  • 30 november 2010

The eating experience is a multi-sensory event, as recently illustrated by studies into the impact of sound upon the taste of food. We therefore took note of the ‘Living Lab’  in the Richmond branch of Pizza Express, London. The spirit of experimentation is alive within novel additions to the menu, but perhaps more significant is the recruitment of a diverse cast of individuals similar to those who often populate media agency labs


Pizza Express have brought in a selection of “creative minds” – that include a DJ, theatre director, professor of acoustics and a design consultancy – to rethink the concept of the customer’s experience

Technology also features prominently, most visibly by the “conversation booths”, which are kitted out with

an iPod and a soundproof dome – under which the customer can control their own music and lighting.

This combination of outside expertise and open-armed embrace of technology heralds promising things, and marks a welcome extension of the spirit of mixing beyond the chef’s kitchen.

Pizza Express

[via We Heart]


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