Nordstrom To Open Not-For-Profit Store In New York City

Nordstrom To Open Not-For-Profit Store In New York City

The upscale retailer will be testing out a smaller concept store next fall.

Lisa Baldini
  • 2 november 2010

Nordstrom, known for it’s large upscale department stores, has recently announced that it is opening a special not-for-profit store in New York City’s West Village. Although the new store concept is shrouded in secrecy, it’s reported that it will be located on the ground floor of a new 10-story luxury residential building, and will be much smaller than a traditional Nordstrom outpost. Luxist reports:

Nordstrom will be opening a unique store in Manhattan next year. The department store chain has announced that it will open a store that will turn over all its earnings to nonprofits. The Soho store will not be branded as a Nordstrom but will instead be another type of store with a name to be determined later. It won’t sell used clothes like a Goodwill or other thrift store. Exactly what it is and what it will sell doesn’t seem to be clear yet.

… Corporate spokeswoman Pamela Lopez told the Seattle Times that the intention is not to create a “mini-Nordstrom” but to come up with something new that will have its own identity. Lopez also revealed that the project is unique to New York, a one-off concept that won’t be expanded to other cities. The chain still hopes to open a full-size Nordstrom in Manhattan and the project is one way to learn more about doing business in Manhattan (the brand also has a Nordstrom’s Rack store in Union Square).


Luxist:”Nordstrom To Open Non-Profit Store In New York City”

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