Citing the rising cost of specialized parts for the series, the company has decided to end production on the DJ staple.

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic announced the end of production for subsidiary Technics line of analog turntables, including the legendary 1200 series.

First introduced to the consumer market in 1972, the Technics SL 1200 turntable quickly became the standard among both radio and club disk jockeys. With quartz-tuning and variable pitch control, the 1200 model offered the DJ the ability to synchronize different recordings, giving rise to the disco (and in turn, house and techno) style of continuous beat matching. The 1200’s magnet-powered direct drive system gave users the ability to hold the record still or move it back and forth against the needle, engendering the hip hop style of “scratching.” According to press release, the rising cost of specialized parts for the series prompted Panasonic’s decision to end the line.

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