(Pics) Chair Design Inspired By The Lathe

(Pics) Chair Design Inspired By The Lathe
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Designer creates visually peculiar chairs, inspired by traditional carpentry.

Plus Aziz
  • 9 november 2010

Drawing heavily on traditional carpentry practice, Sebastian Brajkovic has been able to create a visually captivating set of chair designs named ‘Lathe Chairs’, hinting at the turning lathe-like motion captured by the ‘smear’ design itself. According to his site:

He stretches and contorts the shapes of familiar chair types so they appear blurred in the centre while remaining crisp at the periphery. The classic proportions of each chair seem to be enhanced rather than destroyed by the designers’ intervention.

Sebastian has been making these chairs since 2006; they are available in both wood and bronze.

Sebastian Brajkovic

[via Beautiful Life]

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