Jeff Jarvis took the stage at the PICNIC'10 conference in Amsterdam last month to brush aside worries about privacy in the Internet era.

Content is everywhere. News is process, not a product. Beta's incompleteness invites the public to collaborate. These are the ideas journalist Jeff Jarvis brought to the (literal) table in a ranging, spirited, and at-times foul-mouthed address at the PICNIC'10 conference in Amsterdam this past September. Jarvis observes how the top-down hierarchy of the old media conglomerates is being replaced by the non-linear sphere of what he calls the “human link economy” or “publicness.” The public, not the producers, drive the new economy, as Jarvis explains, You have to leave your stuff out in public or it won't be found.” A media based on links brings a new efficiency, as Jarvis points out, “When you do what you do best and link to the rest, you don't do the rest anymore.”

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