PSFK talks with Saudi Arabian designer who's re-creating traditional garments with a contemporary perspective.

The thobe is a form of men’s clothing that bears many names across the Gulf region, some countries refer to it as a dishdasha while others call it a kandura. This garb has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. In this post, we talk with fashion designer Hatem Alakeel about how he has transformed the thobe, and   developed his cutting-edge fashion boutique brand, Toby.

Tell us about your Toby brand and how you developed its equity?

I developed Toby as a brand that’s specialized in thobes and dress shirts. While I retain the established feel of the cherished traditonal thobe, my aim is to infuse it with an international personality for a new modern global life. Toby creates highly individual and stunningly tailored lines made of the very finest materials. I fuse modern, national, international elements with the traditional, while incorporating many fun surprising elements to create a unique signature look that the brand community has come to love & expect.

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