See The World Through New Lenses

See The World Through New Lenses

In Brazil, a project turns homeless people into photographers

Mauricio Soares
  • 1 november 2010


Marli Pereira Dias - Luz de Velas

The project Trecho 2.8 (Excerpt 2.8), an initiative of Instituto Brazis (Brazis Institute) in partnership with Instituto GENS, gathered a group of ten homeless people who have demonstrated the desire to learn photography and see their reality through new lenses – literally. This initiative is not meant for charity or some sort of palliative aid; on the contrary, they looked for really engaged people who wanted to turn it into a profession.

After interviewing potential candidates, the Institute selected the participants, who gathered in meetings over five months to discuss and practice shooting until they reached the final result: genuine portraits of the reality experienced by each of them.

Together they selected the 50 best pictures which are now on display in the Op Art store space on Oscar Freire street, a mecca for the wealthy in São Paulo, famous for its luxury brands and affluent public. In late October the photos will be auctioned.

Meanwhile, the new photographers will work professionally for Caititi, a company that is being created by the Brazis to generate income for the participants, who will share all the net profit of the business.

In collaboration with Nara Bianconi

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