The beer brand's new special edition brew - Stella Artois Black - debuts via an immersive theatre production.

To celebrate and promote the launch of the special edition Stella Artois Black, the brand has launched a series of immersive theatre productions named ‘The Night Chauffeur.’ Keeping in line with the brand’s recent campaign work, a video (below) previewing the experience intimates at its celebration of 1960’s culture, tips its hat to classic film (and film noir) and teases at what might take place inside the Citroen DS. The Stella Artois Black-branded vehicle that awaits select patrons outside ten pubs across London. The productions will take place between November 14th and 25th, and seem to elicit reactions of amusement, entertainment and surprise from participants. Consumers purchasing the golden lager are offered the chance to apply for tickets to the play – behind which is Stella’s agency, Mother.

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