Brain gauging, near field communications and cloud computing are analysed via a myriad of multidisciplinary lenses.

The STRP Festival aims to investigate what degree of change will be wrought upon our culture by the technological advancements of RFID and ubiquitous computing and the increasing blurring of the boundaries between mind and machine overseen by advances in neuroscience. Linking the two areas is the question of what will happen to our culture when every bit of our reality and being can be networked into the cloud to one extent or another?

These expansive subject areas enclose a range of the artworks forming part of the festival's expo, which also includes a major retrospective of Belgian artist Lawerence Malstaff. Furthermore, the festival explores its thematic inspiration by casting the festival space as experimental testing zone, with its e-sphere initiative allowing visitors to explore the impact of RFID on their experience of art and Acclairs Art Valuation Service affording a parallel opportunity for guest to appreciate their response to art via a neurological metric.

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