A collaborative approach to encouraging creativity via social play, and an embodiment of values of social and environmental consciousness, education and innovation.

We’ve discussed the benefits of play to enhancing creativity, innovation and problem-solving before – this is true not only for children and the educational realm, but for adults and the professional community, as well. On that note, Tegu Toys – a unique entrant to the field of ‘play’ – caught our attention, embodying the beauty of both play and good design.

Tegu Toys use eco-friendly wood in its innovative line of educational toys – using magnets to make the wood blocks ‘connectable’ in a way that most of us couldn’t do with our old Lincoln Logs.  Their mission is grounded in social good; based in Honduras, Tegu aims to address the reality that 50% of Hondurans live below the poverty line, by creating opportunities through entrepreneurship, environmentally-respectful practices, owning the manufacturing process, and fairly compensating and developing their employees.

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