Describing each of their available projects as 'adventures' the network now lists a population of 798 hungry members with a service which brokers partners, skills and labor.

A while back, PSFK reported on Trade School, a pop up classroom in New York's Lower East Side where individuals could share skills.

Part of OurGoods, the online community has grown and continues to act as a catalyst to let creative people do what they do; produce.  But whilst no man is an island, providing a platform for individuals to locate necessary resources through a network can facilitate this.  The differing premise is it is through an honor system; the archaic belief that if you state you will do something, then you must commit to that word.  This notion appears to come at an intense time in social dynamics where the rate of information and chatter disseminated into the cyber ether cannot correlate to a human's ability to actually do what they say.  Social media at times can be just that; an SEO tag, a slice of conversation and white noise and not so much Action.

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