The Power Of The Mind Conducts Belgian Sonic Sculpture

The Power Of The Mind Conducts Belgian Sonic Sculpture

An imposing installation harnesses the residue of consciousness to an industrial audio experience in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Stephen Fortune
  • 24 november 2010

Visitors to the Staalhemel (Steel Sky) installation at STRP Festival can experience their own brainwaves composing a morse code like percussive event:

Staalhemel (‘steel sky’) is an interactive installation with 72 steel segments suspended over the visitor’s head as he walks through the space. Tiny hammers tap rhythmic patterns on the steel plates, activated by the brainwaves of the visitor who wears a portable EEG scanner.

This “responsive environment for brain waves” confronts the viewer with an acoustic representation of the electrical brain activities governing his or her being at that very moment. By linking brainwaves to a such a mechanical, computer circuit like, sonic experience Christoph De Boeck circles the contentious computational mind debate. Check out the video below for insight to the experience

Staalhemel – Steel Sky from Christoph De Boeck on Vimeo.



Staalhemel (Steel Sky)

Photography by Loes Bogers

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