THISPLACEMENT: Donated Objects Become Art

THISPLACEMENT: Donated Objects Become Art
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The Image Festival Rotterdam played host to a unique, crowdsourced art project

Naresh Kumar
  • 8 november 2010

THISPLACEMENT was a unique crowdsourced art project conceived by artists Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak (Olivier Otten), who used objects donated by people to prepare their work. For the Image Festival Rotterdam 2010, the artists simply set up a table in a green space and invited people to donate any object which was then used them as a permanent part of their new work presented in CBK Rotterdam. At the end, people who donated received a special signed frame with their object in it.

The below video shows how it all went:

THISPLACEMENT from Baschz Leeft on Vimeo.


[via Wooster Collective]

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