Tiny Design Pushes The Limits Of Mircro-Architechture

Tiny Design Pushes The Limits Of Mircro-Architechture

What would living within a nine-foot building look and feel like?

Lisa Baldini
  • 1 november 2010

As the world’s cities continue to grow into metropolises (or megacities), the size and cost per square foot will continue to increase. Nine-Tiny Feet is a speculative design project for a cabin that addresses the shrinking of our living space. But, the question is, why 9 feet? Designer Michael Janzen explains:

Basically I wanted to explore the extreme end of tiny. I picked nine square feet because I think that’s about the amount of space I take up laying on the ground. It seemed like a good baseline and even though this house is still only in pixels it looks like it would work to me.

The design, while addressing issues of urban planning, also provides for sustainable solutions from eco-friendly water filtration to solar energy.

Tiny House Design: “Possible Final Design for Nine Tiny Feet”

[via: Dvice]

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