Tourists #1: Google Images Remixed

Tourists #1: Google Images Remixed
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In his new photograph series, Nicolas Dhervillers rearranges random tourist images into original photos to create something new.

Naresh Kumar
  • 19 november 2010

Tourists #1 is quite a unique project by artist Nicolas Dhervillers where he picks up photos of anonymous tourists from Google Images and transplants them into other photos that he had already taken, in order to create images depicting new ‘non-places.’

From the PictureTank Agency:

This series raises the question of taking yet more photos when everything seems to have already been done, repeated and reproduced. Reappropriating existing images, available to everyone with just a click is one of the many answers. The initial idea behind this new series was to radically change night photos that I had already taken and that had a pictorialist tendency, in order to create a new non-place. A sort of « zone » (in reference to Tarkovsky’s film ‘Stalker’), a secret, spiritual, and even dangerous place. Relighting certain parts of the photo has been used as much for the slowly changing, and almost surreal nature as for the people.

A strong lateral light source hints at what is beyond the frame of each photograph. The tourists seem to be caught in a moment of contemplation, between absence and presence. If belief in these images is strong at first glance, in fact it is only a sham. By looking at these photos in more detail it is hard to define this impression of light that bursts from a place that cannot be recreated in real life.

Picturetank: “Tourists #1”

[via JM Colberg]


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