Trailblazers Convert Web Surfing Nostalgia Into A Competitive Event

Trailblazers Convert Web Surfing Nostalgia Into A Competitive Event

The game offers respite from Google-led browsing by returning to the old country of world wide web surfing.

Stephen Fortune
  • 16 november 2010

Is culture accelerating so quickly that we’ve reached a point where we already have heady nostalgia for the old days of hyperlink surfing and link pages on websites?

The Trailblazers competition seems to suggest we have:

Theo Seemann created Trail Blazers as a surfing match in which the winner is the person who can find the shortest path between two sites, with only a mouse to navigate. The player has no keyboard and cannot use a search engine. The game is played with a slightly modified browser that registers every click

However, the competition can also be read as a timely commentary on online affairs given the recent launch of Google Instant, whose anticipative approach to search can be taken as preempting all the volition and intentionality out of using the web.

Trail Blazers

[via Neural]

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