A popular destination in the virtual world of Entropia Universe has been sold for over half a million dollars.

When earlier this year, PSFK reported of a virtual space station in the MMORPG Entropia Universe that was sold for over $300,000, many may have thought that this figure wouldn’t be toppled easily. Less than a year later, a popular virtual property called Club Neverdie in the same gaming platform exchanged hands for a jaw-dropping $635,000, making its erstwhile owner Jon Jacobs over half a million dollars in the process.

Jacobs (aka Neverdie in his virtual avatar) himself bought the ‘land’ around Club Neverdie five years back for $100,000 and turned his property into one of the hottest spots in the virtual universe. It has a mall, a night club and several bio-domes that sold virtual goods and services to other players for real cash and for Jacobs, it was a business that generated him a comfortable income on autopilot.

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