The results of the Harvard-based TrackYourHappiness study have been released.

TrackYourHappiness is an iPhone -centric app that aimed to do just that. Kicked off in the summer of 2009 (we discussed it then), the app was part of a Harvard psychology research project intending to help people identify what factors are associated with greater happiness. Fast Company reported on the recently-released findings from the project;

That last question proved to be the key to the study, which concluded that a main cause of people's unhappiness is how frequently their minds wander. According to the app, 46.9 percent of people's time is spent thinking on something other than what they're doing. And using a bit of statistical wizardry, study authors Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert were able to tease out that that mind-wandering was in fact the cause of much of the unhappiness. In fact, what activity a person was engaged in only accounted for about 5 percent of a person's happiness, whereas whether that person's mind was on- or off-task accounted for over 10 percent.

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