100.000.000 Stolen Pixels

100.000.000 Stolen Pixels

Kim Asendorf's art experiment gathers random pixels from around the net to create an unusual snapshot of online activity.

Sukrit Dhandhania
  • 17 december 2010

100.000.000 Stolen Pixels is a project of Kim Asendorf. The art experiment creates an image constructed of pixels stolen from a large number of websites. The project started with just 10 URLs. The application that generated the design has a web crawler that searched the pages under those ten websites for images and hyperlinks. From Each image, 100 pixels are saved in a square of 10×10 with each hyperlink added to the list of searchable URLs. The process continues till the total number of images downloaded was 1.000.000, which resulted in a total of 100.000.000 ‘stolen pixels’.

100,000,000 Stolen Pixels

After running for approximately nine hours the result is not a very pretty design. However, it has been displayed as a browseable format in Google Maps, which makes for some very interesting viewing. You can zoom in an out of the mosaic. When you zoom in a bit you can view the individual pixels and see the underlying design.

You can go to Kim Asendorf’s Flickr photostream to view the results from different stages of the project. You can also visit the log of the websites gathered by the application here. (ed: is in there somewhere!)

Kim Asendorf

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