11 Insights About Happiness

11 Insights About Happiness

Here are some of the ideas we gathered from our recent PSFK SALON at Soho House NY: Happiness.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 december 2010

The pursuit of happiness might be one of the most significant quests of our lives. Yet it remains one of the most misunderstood, with many sources reporting that happiness is at an all time low for adults and teens alike. Our PSFK Salon, held earlier this week, focused on Happiness with a panel of thought leaders including Graham Hill (Founder of Treehugger), Sarah Forbes (Curator at the Museum of Sex), Gretchen Rubin (Creator of The Happiness Project), and Steven Dean (Quantified Self) to talk on the subject at the Soho House.

Some key insights from the event:

  • Wanting to become happier is not a selfish pursuit. Happier individuals are more likely to go out of their way to aid and support others.
  • Creating opportunities to be happier is important; people shape these environments and conditions on their own terms.
  • Only you really know what makes you happy. If don’t know what makes you happy, think back to what made you happy as a child and you’ll discover something that can make you happier today.
  • Being ecologically minded is as much about wanting less stuff as it is about appreciating what you already have.
  • For marketers, it is paramount to not only focus on the quality of products they are selling, but also their usefulness. If people like it, they will buy and own it. And so might their friends!
  • Sex has medical and emotional benefits. It is the perfect example of how pleasure and cognition can come together to make us happier.
  • Mindfulness is a precursor to happiness through technology. Technology helps get things done, but communication can happen without it.
  • Tracking & cultivating gratitude is another key to happiness. Gratitude can help drown out negativity
  • Outer disorder effects your inner calm. Take small steps to organize and tidy up your space.
  • Your body is the best place to start if you want to be happier.
  • Self-tracking is more easily adapted and effective when it’s focused on an event or goal (i.e. marathon, a race).

Thanks to all of you who made it out. It was a fantastic turn out and lots of great questions and commentary were generated around the idea of happiness.

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