A website visualizes the tides occurring in London's Thames river and the general weather conditions of the city.

James Bridle has created a web page called “Romance has lived too long upon this river,” a periodic visualization of the tides occurring in the Thames river and a general reflection of the daily weather in London.

The page uses javascript to work on the iPad and on bigger screens and updates the tide status constantly. It all looks a bit abstract but as Bridle says, it may help you “over time, develop the ability to sense the weather.”

From Book Two:

The Thames and its related activities are of course the Hello World of real-time data, but I also wanted this to be useful. So Romance… also serves as a weather forecast, warning you if you need to wrap up or take a brolly when you go out. The weight of the clouds on the water corresponds to the chance of rain (or, fingers crossed, snow). It’s quite subtle, and it may need to be beefed up, but if it’s on your wall, or in your hand, you may, over time, develop the ability to sense the weather.

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