Betterplace: Connecting Social Projects With Donors

Betterplace: Connecting Social Projects With Donors

An online donation platform involves several users to create a web of trust around its projects.

Naresh Kumar
  • 2 december 2010

Betterplace is an online donation platform that connects social projects from around the world to those who want to support them with money, volunteering or knowledge. Unlike other online charities, Betterplace forwards 100% of the donations to the beneficiary organizations or individuals, without any deductions. In turn, donors get to see real progress their contribution is making, in the form of text and images on the site.

Apart from sponsors, other users can also volunteer to be involved in a project by giving an account of their experiences with the project such as vouching for the person heading it or visiting the project site and reporting on its progress. This creates a “web of trust” for the donors that their money is going to a credible cause and also prevents any fraud projects.

Betterplace is currently supporting over 3,000 projects in 128 countries and has forwarded more than $3 million in funds.


[via Wired]

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