BMW’s Flash Projection Cinema Ad

BMW’s Flash Projection Cinema Ad

BMW's new ad in Germany used a very unusual technique to insert its brand 'into consumers heads'.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 13 december 2010

A recent cinema spot by BMW in Germany used flash projection technology to leave a more lasting impression of the brand’s logo in the audience’s minds. Flash projection technology allowed BMW to reproduce the effect of looking up at the sun, or seeing a bright flash of light. Once you close your eyes, the contours of that light slowly fade away, leave the sun’s silhouette seemingly ‘on your mind’.

The cinema ad featured a motorbike racer discussing why he races – to follow his dream. The ad then asks people to close their eyes following a flash of light at the end – what is left is the impression of the BMW identity’s sharp contours.

The video below discusses the making of the ad in additional detail. We admired the spot for its more entertaining and involved approach. The video itself surmises what makes this interesting:

Tell me something. And I will forget. Show me something. And I can remember. Involve me. And I will understand.

BMW Motorbikes

[via Vanksen Blog]

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