Brands Learn Visual Storytelling

Brands Learn Visual Storytelling

Yahoo! offers some examples of brands utilizing infographics to tell a brand story - an increasing need heading into 2011, as online data expands and begs for simple meaning and visual communication thereof.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 21 december 2010

Yahoo!’s Advertising Blog recently discussed the notion of creative, visual storytelling via infographics – something we’ve all been tracking this year. The piece includes examples of how GOOD magazine and Nick Felton’s Daytum have been utilizing infographics for the simplification of more complex data for industry, social and even personal analysis. While these examples have been oft-cited and discussed this year, what we found most interesting were Yahoo!’s examples of how specific brands have been utilizing data visualization to tell their own brand stories. Specifically;

  • Veuve Clicquot used graphic design to illustrate the production cycle of grapes that ultimately become their well-known champagne
  • IKEA’s cookbook for foodies, including recipes for baking recipes and edible arrangements (which involve some of the retailer’s cooking wares, of course)
  • Samsung’s ‘Tweetwrapping’ paper tagged with givers’ Twitter commentary
  • Ford’s Fusion 41 competition challenged participants with games, raffles, surveys and the like to ultimately define core drivers. Ultimately, the stats (which included ‘fastest time finishing a Big Gulp’ were compiled and illustrated by graphic designer Thomas Porostocky

We expect visual storytelling – and data visualization – to continue to permeate and evolve in 2011, beyond the limited classification as a ‘trend’. With the increasingly vast amount of data available to us (see Mashable’s 5 Predictions for Online Data in 2011), brands and professionals alike will be challenged with finding actionable meaning in data and simplifying the points that data implies. We expect data analysts and creative professionals to continue to work together in creating evolution and different ways to visually tell the story found in increasingly expanding data.

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