Bees in Redhook, Brooklyn have been yielding a mysterious ruby-red colored "honey."

Beekeepers in Red Hook, Brooklyn are experiencing a bittersweet dilemma. Instead of producing honey, their bees are secreting an overly saccharine and metallic-tasting, glowing red liquid.

When the beekeepers sought help for this problem from a local apiculturist, it was discovered that the “honey” was laced with Red Dye No. 40, a dye used in maraschino cherry juice. Further investigation revealed that the bees were foraging for food in a local maraschino cherry factory a few miles away from their hives, and rejecting the food sources provided for them by their keepers. Instead, they were feasting on syrup from the factory that contains high-fructose corn syrup and red dye, which is likely the cause of the red-colored honey that the bees have been yielding.

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