Fendi craftsmanship meets new digital design techniques from Aranda\Lasch on a collaborative construction project.

NYC based Aranda\Lasch are staging a live construction performance at this year's Design Miami. The project is a collaboration with Fendi called ‘Modern Primitives'. Aranda\Lasch created a series of foam tetrahedrons covered with spray on truck bed liner. Working with 3D software, the designers are able to construct furniture and sculptures of various sizes by attaching the shapes together with an adhesive. We spoke to Chris Lasch who mentioned they are getting ready to release a 3D iphone/ipad app which will allow anyone to build shapes with their series of tetrahedrons. Ultimately, user created shapes would be uploaded to Aranda\Lasch who would have the designs constructed as either 3D printouts or assemblies of the foam blocks.

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