An application based on the movie Inception combines the RJDJ audio-recognition platform with a number of other environmental inputs to recreate surreal dream-like experiences.

A collaboration between Inception director Christopher Nolan, composer Hans Zimmer, and RJDJ CEO Michael Breidenbrücker has resulted in a mobile app modeled after the surreal elements of the movie (we first covered the app here).

The  app warns the user to not play the app with the touchscreen, noting that it's an experience played with their life instead – using the RJDJ engine the app draws in and remixes sounds from the world around the listener. Building upon the RJDJ concept, the app features a handful of game-like elements, triggering and unlocking various dreams states based not only on types of sounds and audio input, but accelerometer speed and rate of change, ambient light levels, and geolocation as well – encouraging exploration of different environments to unlock different dream stages.

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