It's time to start training time travelers.

It’s time to start training time travelers.

Picture the scene at the NATTA (National Aeronautics and Time Travel Administration). There is the time traveler (NATTATT) in period costume, and surrounded by his or her advisors who give advice on language, usage, accent, on local history, on the anthropology and sociology of life in the time period, on politics, family life, food, clothing styles, on built form, material culture, and popular culture.

Our NATTATT must “pass.” He or she must escape detection. For the consequences of detection are cataclysmic. The NATTATT would be quizzed, perhaps tortured. Secrets of the future would be revealed. People would begin betting on imagined scenarios. The past would go ass over tea kettle and so would the present. Imagine leaving in a present that had new turbulence in its past. We think we live in a turbulent world now.

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