Holographic Maps: The Latest Cartographic Innovation

Holographic Maps: The Latest Cartographic Innovation

New 3D printing technology from Zebra Imaging transforms data into complex holograms.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 7 december 2010

The latest development in 3D technology lets you leave the glasses at home. Zebra Imaging has created a holographic printing technology that produces incredibly detailed images such as maps that come in colour, have enough detail involved that you can see tiny people in the cityscapes, and can have multiple channels of information embedded within them so you can see various layers of information, like the insides of buildings.

The holograms are printed using lasers and a special type of film. Almost any sort of data can be reproduced and printing costs range between one and three thousand US dollars.

Watch a video about the project below:

Zebra Imaging

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