Internet-Enabled Wooden Drawer Scans And Prints Photos From Twitter

Internet-Enabled Wooden Drawer Scans And Prints Photos From Twitter

A new way of online and offline interaction combines the best of physical and digital mediums.

Naresh Kumar
  • 15 december 2010

Designed by John Kestner, the Tableau is a web-enabled printer and scanner that works as a physical email platform, combining both online and offline sharing networks. The device is in the form of a wooden table with a glowing knob that scans and prints photos from Twitter into its drawer for the user, thus providing a new way of online and physical interaction.

Tableau was made with reclaimed materials from the landfill and was displayed at the 2010 Saint Étienne International Design Biennale.

Kestner explains his creation:

Tableau acts as a bridge between users of physical and digital media, taking the best parts of both. It’s a nightstand that quietly drops photos it sees on its Twitter feed into its drawer, for the owner to discover. Images of things placed in the drawer are posted to its account as well.

Watch a demo below:

Tableau: physical email from John Kestner on Vimeo.

Tableau: Physical Email

+Reclaimed Materials

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