The Monotron is fast, cheap, and provides an amazing number of different sounds. Published schematics open it up to the hacking/mod culture as well.

Korg has released the Monotron, a fully analog synthesizer about the size of a deck of cards for the list price of 60 US dollars. Using a ribbon controller instead of a keyboard and featuring Korg’s 1978-era filter circuit from its MS-10 and MS-20 models, the Monotron embodies the technological trend towards miniaturization and recycling. Similarly to another toy on sale this holiday season, the Korg Monotron’s low price and published schematics open it up to the hacking/mod culture. Priced as a gift like the Stylophone and Gakken model synths, in careful hands the Monotron can be a powerful musical tool, as witnessed in this Youtube demonstration below.

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