There's no shortage of capital in the world. And there are still resources left to manage intelligently. The fact is, we're using both VERY inefficiently, and that's just dumb. We need to start reallocating our resources and capital toward efficiency and leapfrog innovations.

I arrived in Cancún, Mexico at the end of November to work on opening the Hub Culture Cancún Pavilion, a collaboration and networking space for the Hub Culture social network and partners like Nike, CERES and others.  After doing a similar Hub project in Copenhagen last year, my expectations around action on the climate issue were dismal at best – there was, is, and remains, little hope of a global deal addressing climate change.   After last year, everyone seems to have given up on the politicians, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  This year, to my surprise, the energy and momentum around positive change has been incredible.  After last year’s failure, businesses and NGOs have started to do what we really needed all along: innovate and cooperate, focusing on positive solutions, not doom and gloom sacrifices.  Its shifted from a race to the bottom to a race to the top.  Negative to Positive.

The political process around the whole climate topic, combined with what I think are sometimes narrow views among scientists and NGOs, mixed with money issues (everybody needs it) make the climate issue a very charged one.  There are lots of sensitivities, agendas, and competing causes for a world filled with too many problems and not enough money or resources to solve them.

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