Modded LED Christmas Lights Indicate Online Presence

Modded LED Christmas Lights Indicate Online Presence

Andrej Kyselica has programmed the decorative lights to let him know when his friends are online.

Naresh Kumar
  • 20 december 2010

What better than to use Christmas lights this season to get alerts on the online availability of your instant messenger contacts. Microsoft techie Andrej Kyselica used a set of GE-35 LED Christmas Lights and modified their programming to make each of them indicate the presence of someone on his IM contact list. Each light, containing three different colored LEDs, was assigned to a contact and automatically brightens up with a color corresponding to a contact’s status-available, offline or busy.

Here’s a video about these unique lights:

LED Christmas Lights as IM presence indicators from Andrej Kyselica on Vimeo.

LED Christmas Lights

[via Red Ferret]

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