The fashion brand's portrait series collaboration profiles 12 individuals that embody the brand's values - and raises awareness for their work and socially-beneficial causes.

Portland-based apparel brand Nau has collaborated with photographer Eden Batki and filmmakers Thomas Oliver and Jordan Strong to develop a series of portraits with the theme The Provocateurs. In ‘Portraits of Our Friends‘, Nau identified 12 people that represent the Nau spirit and exemplify the type of people for which they design their products. According to Nau:

I’ll be the first to admit that the theme can get a little heavy if taken too seriously (especially when it’s French, and in italics), but the sentiment’s real. We’ve selected 12 people, in 10 portraits, who aredoing important work, and who are going about their work in a provocative, inspiring, and insightful way. They want to move, move others, and be moved. For Nau, these are the people who keep us in line.

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