Neon Indian's new music video is the first to utilize an analogue video synthesizer.

The psychedelic indie band, Neon Indian released a new video named Mind Drips using a long forgotten analog technology.

A visual feast to the eyes, the video employs a lo-fi device called the LZX Visionary, invented by tech wizards Lars Larsen and Edward Leckie. Mind Drips is the first music video to use a method that manipulates abstract patterns, video feedback, and analog compositing in real-time. According to the IFC website, which presented the exclusive premier of the video, the featured technology is”an analog video synthesizer that manipulates images in the same way an audio synthesizer does for sound.” The trippy effects amplify the storyline, as a woman slips into a hole in her bed with her psychedelic teddy bear, ascending into a world of whirling colors.

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