Social Media: Fastest Growth Coming From Older Users

Social Media: Fastest Growth Coming From Older Users

A Pew report indicates that older generations are catching up with the younger denizens of the web.

Naresh Kumar
  • 21 december 2010

A recent report released by the Pew Research Center suggests that older generations are catching up with the young when it comes to online activities. The ‘Generations Online in 2010’ report said that older users are more likely than teens to surf government websites and to gather financial information online. What’s more, the fastest growth experienced by social networks is coming from users aged 74 and above.

While teens and millennials still make up a larger segment of Internet surfers, the adult users are definitely closing this online generation gap.

Some key findings from the report:

• While the youngest generations are still significantly more likely to use social network sites, the fastest growth has come from internet users 74 and older: social network site usage for   this oldest cohort has quadrupled since 2008, from 4% to 16%.

• The percentage of all adult internet users who watch video online jumped 14 points in the past two years, from 52% in May 2008 to 66% in May 2010.

• 51% of all online adults listen to music online, compared with 34% the last time this question was asked, in June 2004. While Millennials used to be by far the most avid listeners, Gen   Xers and Younger Boomers are catching up.

• As of May 2010, 53% of online adults have used a classified ads website such as Craigstlist, up from 32% in September 2007.

Generations Online in 2010

[via LA Times]

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