A new app by Orbotix aims to make the smartphone a universal control device for a number of physical objects.

Boulder based startup Orbotix has developed a technology that can operate physical devices by using a smartphone. Their prototype, Sphero, is a robotic ball that works just like a remote-controlled car. The company says that the same technology could also be applied to open garage doors, and unlock cars. It could also help physically-challenged people to control objects around them more easily. Watch a video of the Sphero in action here. Reuters reports more:

Targeting gamers, Orbotix hopes to launch a new sumo-wrestling game using Sphero next month at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, barring any technical hurdles. Orbotix chief executive Paul Berberian said 70 percent of apps for the Android and iPhone mobile devices are entertainment or game-related. He added that “hot” consumer electronic devices can sell in the millions of units in the U.S. and internationally. Asia could also be a very strong market because of the huge interest in robotics. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic. “We're changing the way people interact with the real world.”

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