The Benefits Of Napping At Work

The Benefits Of Napping At Work

Sleep expert William Anthony argues that sleeping on the job may actually improve productivity.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 december 2010

Taking a nap at work is still a big taboo and something companies generally hate their employees to do. But a power nap can actually improve the productivity of workers, argues sleep expert William Anthony of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University.

Allaying the fears of employers who believe it will hurt their business, Anthony says that a quick nap during scheduled breaks at the workplace can improve people’s attention, their mood and persistence, all of which increases their efficiency, which in effect, adds to the company’s bottom line, unlike traditional on-the-break activities like smoking and drinking coffee that does nothing to improve their well-being.

He suggests creating a workplace nap program that should cover certain guidelines. From Mint Life:

1. An employee won’t lose their job or their reputation for taking a nap.
2. Naps should be taken during approved break times or lunch hours.
3. Employees should find a private place for their snooze.

That last point is important for professional appearances — “You don’t want to be sitting at the cashier booth and sleeping,” Anthony says — and for small business budgets. In fact, workplace naps cost next to nothing to add to your employee benefits package. You don’t need a large HR department to handle the program, nor facilities set aside for your employees (or you) to recharge.

Mint Life: “Should Employees Be Allowed to Nap at Work?”

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