A classic music player that was instrumental in popularizing hip hop culture in the 80s is coming back with a new look.

You know you grew up in the ’80s if you still feel nostalgic about those shoulder-mounted, music-blasting boomboxes. Now you can indulge in a little harmless nostalgia with TDK’s new line of Boomboxes that retain the classic shape and character of the old school players, but give the technology a facelift to meet today’s standards.

The TDK Boombox comes in 2 models: a 2 Speaker box and a 3 speaker box, the latter of which comes with a subwoofer in the center. Both versions have touch screen control panels with a retro-styled knob and an equalizer, as well as USB and RCA ports so you can connect to a variety of music sources. And if you ever feel like taking it out for a spin, simply hook it up with some batteries and jam anywhere to your heart’s content.

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