The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

The Institute for the Future has released a map of "The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion."

Chris Arkenberg
  • 16 december 2010

The Institute for the Future has released a map from it’s most recent research on urban development, The Future of Cities, Information, & Inclusion. The research looks at the converging impacts of urban demographics, social collaboration, economic disparity, and the rapid digitization of the cityscape. IFTF envisions the city as a massive laboratory for innovation in addressing the challenges of our times. Within this landscape, communities adopt resilient strategies, encourage makers & tinkerers, and re-purpose digital tools to create local solutions to problems that are often the result of macrotrends. Managers of the emerging city-states look to instrumentation and monitoring as tools for gathering run-time data about civic processes, crunching massive data streams to optimize civic efficiencies and model futures possibilities.

The forecast describes 13 such “intersections of urban information & social change:

  • Quantified Communities
  • Crowdsourced Public Services
  • Actionable Data Streams
  • Pro-Poor Interfaces
  • Local, Social Commerce
  • Hyperlocal Soapboxes
  • Transparent Resource Webs
  • On-Demand Resilience
  • Computational Leadership Clouds
  • Zoomable Panoramas
  • Continuous Counting
  • Anticipatory Health
  • Democratized Public Safety

The Future of Cities, Information, & Inclusion

+Electronics & Gadgets
+Environmental / Green
+Finance & Money
+Home & Garden
+Market Research

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