Turning Into Gods [Video]


Jason Silva's thought-provoking documentary explores a future world with endless possibilities that will literally make us invincible.

Naresh Kumar
  • 17 december 2010

Filmmaker and producer at Current TV Jason Silva is making a new thought provoking documentary that explores the journey of mankind and optimistically looks at a future where, thanks to technology and the human mind, we would evolve ourselves into “Gods” and reach our “ultimate potential.” Turning Into Gods will feature talks with several experts who will share their views on the mind-boggling possibilities of this future world.

TURNING INTO GODS is a new feature length documentary exploring mankind’s journey to ‘play jazz with the universe’… it is a story of our ultimate potential, the reach of our intelligence, the scope of our scientific and engineering abilities and the transcendent quality of our heroic and noble calling.

Thinking, feeling, striving, man is what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called “the ascending arrow of the great biological synthesis.”… today we walk a tight-rope between ape and Nietzsche’s Overman… how will we make it through, and what is the texture and color of our next refined and designed evolutionary leap?

“We are as gods,” says Stewart Brand, “and we might as well get good at it.”

Watch the teaser below:

TURNING INTO GODS – ‘Concept Teaser’ from jason silva on Vimeo.

Jason Silva

The Hybrid Reality Institute

[via Next Nature]

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