Twitter Knitted Scarves Craft Camden Christmas Cheer

Twitter Knitted Scarves Craft Camden Christmas Cheer

A creative project makes use of Twitter communication dynamics for "knit on demand" yuletide scarves.

Stephen Fortune
  • 17 december 2010

We like combinations of old craft and digital technology here at PSFK. Knitting is one practice that appears extremely partial to new media mash ups. The latest such project to catch our eye is the Twitter Knitter project from Saint, who recently asked the digital generation to draw the internet.

The project invites Twitter users to share their Christmas greetings with Saint’s eager crew of twitter knitters.

We’re taking the warmest and wittiest yuletide tweets using the hashtag #WarmUpCamden, and turning them into messages knitted into scarves. We’ll then distribute these scarves to the cold and needy around Camden.

Any person lucky enough to have their Tweet transformed into a scarf will be notified immediately and in a clever twist they can then view the production process live via three video webstreams on the project’s homepage.

Twitter Knitter


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