Wearable Device Produces Electricity From Light And Heat

Wearable Device Produces Electricity From Light And Heat

Fujitsu Laboratories developed a new hybrid energy harvesting device that generates electricity from either heat or light.

Kyana Gordon
  • 14 december 2010

Fujitsu Laboratories recently announced the development of a single device capable of harnessing energy from either a light or heat source, a process only previously carried out by two separate mechanisms. Energy harvesting is the process for collecting energy from the surrounding environment and converting it to electricity, and is gaining interest as a future next-generation energy source.

Composed of an organic material featuring a high generating efficiency that can produce power from indoor lighting in photovoltaic mode, and can also generate power from heat in thermoelectric mode. The reduction in the number of machines required to derive energy is both an economic and ecological breakthrough. In addition, the low cost of the hybrid device has the potential to spark rampant use of these efficient harvesting devices, since there is no need for electrical wires or batteries.

Fujitsu Laboratories

[via Engadget and Akihabara News]

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