Can Banksy Die?

Can Banksy Die?

Vandalog explores the myth and brand of Banksy, beyond the man behind the iconic street art.

Dan Gould
  • 5 january 2011

Vandalog explores the myth and brand of Banksy, beyond the singular man behind the iconic street art. Looking at his work as more of an ethos, team effort and style, they wonder:

Can Banksy  die? I’ve got no doubt that the man who was writing the name Banksy on Bristol’s walls in the 1990′s can and will, at some point, die. That’s not what I’m wondering though. Keith Haring has been dead for more than 20 years, but you can still buy new products with his imagery. Similarly, Basquiat’s estate released prints after his death. But those artists had names and faces. Even after their deaths, products can still be made using their images, but there’s not going to be any new imagery. But Banksy (the brand, not the man) doesn’t have those same constraints. Disney didn’t die with Walt Disney. Is Banksy one man or many people?

While he is anonymous, Banksy is publicly portrayed as being one person. But what does that one person actually do these days when it comes to making art?

Vandalog: “The death of Banksy”

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